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Less than 80 minutes from the main economic capitals of Paris, Brussels and London, choosing the European Metropolis of Lille means placing your company at the heart of Europe and its markets. The ideal place to shine!

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Since 1985, we have been helping developing companies set up in the Lille metropolis. Supported by our partners, we assist you in finding your premises, financing, collaborators, partners, clarify your administrative procedures and facilitate your integration into the territory.

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Keep an eye on the economic life of Lille's metropolis and find the latest business news and locations

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Find the documentation we put at your disposal: sectorial data, case studies, brochures of our partners, presentation of our services, maps of the territory...

A metropolis that counts...a lot

France's no. 2 region
for bringing in foreign investment
(sc Attractiveness Barometer EY 2019)
France's no. 1 city
for working from home
(sc Le Point 2020)
5th most attractive city
(scBarometer Arthur Loyd)
15,418 businesses created
in the European city of Lille in 2019, an increase of 77% in 10 years
sc processing ADULM 2019 from INSEE Sirene 2018 onwards
2nd most attractive city
in terms of jobs and housing
sc and Jobijoba, 2018
company locations
47% of companies
set up are more than 7 years old
sc Banque de France 2018

Case studies

Why come to Lille?
What are the advantages that will help you to grow?
And what about the workforce? Our clients share their experiences with you.