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Green Energy: Agriwatt chooses the Lille Metropolis to expand its reach in the North.

Green Energy: Agriwatt chooses the Lille Metropolis to expand its reach in the North.

With growth projections in excellent shape, the solar energy market is glowing and key players are expecting further significant growth in the coming years.

The energy market’s unique climate suits family-run Agriwatt. The company has been operating in Hauts-de-France since 2008.

Agriwatt specialises in the installation and maintenance of renewable energy solutions for agriculture and industry. The business has weathered the storm and adapted to the challenges of energy transition.

In 2021 the company is going through its own transition: with the green energy sector booming, Agriwatt is evolving and setting up in the Lille area to expand across Northern France.


Resilience and green energy to build tomorrow’s world

logo agriwattFrance is one of the sunniest countries in Europe and one of the best provided for in terms of solar energy received. According to the French Agency for Ecological Transition, the ADEME, untapped potential on rooftops represents almost 3 times the collective power of French energy production parks across all sectors.

For several decades, France has built its energy model on nuclear power but the state has increased schemes and subsidies to diversify the country’s energy mix. Despite starting late, it’s all systems go for the French market which is now experiencing record growth in the green energy sector.

Agriwatt is supported by a close-knit, 45-strong team that manage its projects from start to finish. Currently, it has around 600 clients who benefit from the company’s know how. It hopes to carry out 170 new installations in 2021. These prospects have not come about by chance. They are the fruit of years of experience and self-questioning over the past 13 years to adapt to fluctuations in a particularly versatile market.

While Agriwatt can be described as a resilient company, it should also be recognised for its other quality: kindness. “Family company” is not a term that it bandies about lightly. The directors, conscious of the work/life balance, have implemented a collective model. Within the company there is no hierarchical pressure and only one motto: “Everyone does their best” and this is reflected in customer satisfaction.

To continue developing the company along these lines, reconciling growth and human-centred management, the company has launched a recruitment drive to find hidden gems to join the team. Despite the rural setting of its offices in Vervins, the company decided to settle in the Lille Metropole in January 2021 to meet growing demand in the region.


Everything needed to expand from the Lille area

The team was initially seduced by the area’s accessibility: with its ideal location and transport network, Lille has all the amenities necessary to attract young talent. Throw in the great quality of life and the region’s energy, Agriwatt has found everything it needs to establish once and for all how attractive the Lille European Metropolis is and to confirm its choice of location.

With its design offices now located in the Lille Metropolis, Agriwatt is well on the way to achieving its objectives in line with its values. For the attractive green energy sector comes an equally attractive new location.

The team has everything it needs to thrive and continue its conquest of the Hauts-de-France. With only 1% of total solar installations in France, the region has suffered from the common misconception: “there’s no sun in the North”.

The challenge is to change the perception in a region where solar panels have optimal yield. This is an opportunity to launch an appeal to northern companies who want to make energy savings. It’s also a welcome evolution for the North’s industrial heritage.


Hello Lille Invest


The Hello Lille touch: the Invest team helped Agriwatt get established and develop its network.



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