Hiptown nouveau concept de bureau flexible
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Real estate: the ultimate flexible office space comes to EuraTechnologies!

Three partners from the world of real estate and tech tested co-working models and the tertiary market to determine what they could offer small companies looking for a prestigious address. And what about big companies whose office m2 needs rethinking as remote working gains traction?

Two years ago, Hiptown came into being, reimagining new uses and changing the flexible office market. Typical co-working players take on free surface areas to create collective office spaces. Hiptown’s innovative concept develops and manages office space that is either not used by property owners, or is underused by tenant companies. The aim is twofold: relieve profitability for unoccupied offices, while allowing smaller structures to access an address that they could not otherwise aspire to.

It’s the complete package – an office set-up, workspace rental, as well as the reception and concierge services that Euratechnologies offers. Hiptown wants to create a space for work-life balance.


Hiptown nouveau concept de bureau flexible

Hiptown chooses Lille to develop its 5th flexible office.

Choosing Lille and Wenov* was no accident: renowned for blending startups with more historic companies, EuraTechnologies was a prime target for their 5th location. Their most comprehensive project was born out of this dynamic, innovative system; the gateway to local life and vibrant business district. The advantage of opening after their sites at Marseille, Paris and Lyon is that the new location will employ up to 8 people. Hiptown will take on space in EuraTechnologies’ Wenov campus, which is currently under construction, enriching the existing offer. It will offer rent-flexible offices, and a go-to destination for visitors, students, entrepreneurs, employees, neighbours, with its restaurant service.

*A 23 000m² campus dedicated to training students and professionals in digital technologies.

An innovative and functional concept.

Hiptown offers attractive packages to suit all budgets, starting from just €150 per month per workstation. Such accessible pricing is due to a selection of eco-responsible furniture. The 3 co-founders chose to furnish the offices with second-hand equipment: a choice that could well tip the scales for potential future customers. Its sleek interior design, with neutral colours and light decor makes everyone feel at home. Another reason for Hiptown to focus on a workstation/hospitality/concierge/catering package at a competitive price.


Hello Lille Invest


The Hello Lille touch: The Invest team helped Hiptown integrate into the Lille ecosystem and make contact with potential partners.


Find out more about real rstate market in Lille’s area.


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