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Industry: Lille bids welcome to Energo, a promising cleantech startup.

A spin-off stemming from lecture halls and chemistry labs.

Vincent Piepiora launched Energo in 2018, having read Chemistry at the elite school Chimie ParisTech – Paris Sciences Lettres (PSL) and working for 10 years at Total. He started out alone but was quickly joined by other researchers followed by a sales team. The founder set out to develop a cleantech industrial process created in the lab and patented by PSL, the Paris research university.

On the technical side, Energo makes catalytic reactors which revolutionise the methanation process. The technology developed in university labs allows the usually high-temperature, high-pressure conversion to occur at low pressure.

Put simply, the technology developed by Energo allows polluting gases (carbon dioxide) to be converted into mains gas, offering a saving of around 40% on gas production costs.

Nouveau procédé de méthanation pour la clean tech

A new player for cleantech in Lille.

Hosted by PSL until now, the technicians needed more space to develop their process under factory conditions while continuing to evolve it in the laboratory, which is why they started looking for sites to expand into. Several regions threw their hats in the ring, but the Lille European Metropolis took the prize. The Lille area benefits from a number of significant assets on the business front:

  • A dense industrial ecosystem;
  • Various Energo suppliers are located here;
  • Top research institutions making Lille a hot bed for experimentation;
  • An impressive talent pool from the numerous engineering schools – perfect to grow their team and build new partnerships; and
  • Proximity to European decision-making centres such as Paris, London, Brussels and the Hague.

An industrial heritage that is also resilient. And it’s this characteristic that drives the Lille area’s ambition: Rev3.  Energy autonomy, resource circularity, innovation everywhere and for everyone, Rev3 seemed the ideal environment for the Energo technology.

On a personal level, the Lille metropolis has a lot going for it: good quality of life, an affordable property market, cycle routes, international, public and private schools, great professional opportunities for partners, and a return to their roots for some team members. Everything pointed to Lille!

Guided by Polenergie and supported by Hello Lille, the management team quickly confirmed their choice to set up their laboratory and mechanical workshop in Lille.


Where to from Lille?

As the Metropolis connects to so many majors French cities fast, developing another site in France is not on the agenda. However, its engineers are very interested in the European market. The founder, Vincent Piepiora, has confessed his desire to introduce his system to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium -which is convenient, as they are all just a stone’s throw from Lille.


Hello Lille Invest


The Hello Lille touch: the Invest team helped Energo with its property search, funding efforts and recruitment as well has accelerating key introductions.

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