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Lille, a city leading the way !

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Lille enjoys a strategic geographical position 30 minutes from Brussels, 1 hour from Paris and 1 hour 20 minutes from London, among the most dynamic capitals in Europe's creative industry.A sizeable advantage to encourage cross-border cooperations and attract international talent ! 

Beyond Lille, the Hauts-de- France region as a whole aims to become a world leader in audiovisual creation.This aim is accompanied by political support, reflected in the public aid for animated creation.Since 2017, Pictanovo - the regional centre of excellence serving the film and audiovisual industries - benefits from an increased budget of more than €2.2 million. Support for short films, writing and development or production, here you will find what you need to grow and take centre stage !

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To anticipate growing demand from local operators, the city of Lille also has specialist schools such as ArtFX, Pôle 3D and ESAAT. An ideal environment for attracting talented people, who can find in the city of Lille a rich cultural life, a young and fun way of life and more affordable living and property costs than in major French and European cities.This advantageous formula is well understood by those who have chosen Lille over the years, such as Ankama, Cyber Group Studio, Tchack and even Madlab Animations. 

Further proof of the structuring of the industry and its growing appeal, since 2018 Lille has hosted SERIES MANIA, THE International Festival of TV Series, which has created fans of northern France among Thurman, Freddie Highmore, Julianna Marguiles and even director Shane Meadows. 

Companies in the creative industries, production and animation studios and schools - the future of animation depends on collaboration and co-productions and the city of Lille has rolled out the red carpet for you !

Why choose Lille?

15% of French animation is produced in the Hauts-de-France Region (CCI Hauts-de-France)

World-renowned schools such asArtFX and Pôle 3D able to respond to growing demand from sector professionals

Noranim: regional professional association bringing together producers, institutions and independents working to promote animated film.  

2.2 million: the annual budget of Pictanovo, the Regional Association for supporting audiovisual and cinematographic creation

Plaine Images: the centre of excellence dedicated to the creative industries 

A young and dynamic city where 43% of the population is aged under 30 (Insee RGP 2015)

Plain Images, when imagination creates value

A true European hub for creative industries, Plaine Images has established itself in the heart of the Union area between Roubaix, Tourcoing and Wattrelos, in an eco-district of more than 80 hectares. This remarkably restored former factory is home to 140 creative companies, 4 schools, 1,800 employees and 2 research centres! An exceptional environment dedicated to the imagination and creating art and value
Incubation and acceleration programs headed by economic development experts, will allow you to bring your idea to life, going from creation to success.Lastly, Plaine Images organises more than 200 events each year in France and abroad to give your project visibility and allow you to connect with key partners.

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A pool of highly qualified professionals

The density of the labour pool has always been a major concern for companies in the creative industries. To respond to this, the city of Lille has focused its efforts on welcoming specialist schools able to meet growing demand :

Pôle 3D: the Catholic University of Lille's Art & Design school specialising in 2D, 3D and video games
Le Fresnoy : National Contemporary Arts Studio training high level audiovisual artists
ESAAT : School of applied arts and textiles, a public institution listed as one of the 7 major applied arts schools in France for national education
ARTFX : one of the top 10 best special effects schools in the world.The first campus, with 750 m2 dedicated to animation, special effects and video games, opened its doors at the start of the 2020 academic year.A second school specialising in cinematography will follow soon. Within the next five years, no fewer than 1,000 ArtFX students will set out to conquer the national and international stage !

I quickly felt a real desire to make the digital industry the spearhead of the region and to support this already mature ecosystem. The city of Lille's international positioning at the crossroads of the major capitals of Northern Europe, while being 1 hour from Paris, also creates a very interesting intercultural dynamic.  
Lastly, I wanted a city of culture that offers a way of life that will help my students to flourish and that's what I've found here. The city of Lille is a totally relevant destination for us and I am delighted that we will soon be opening.

Gilbert Kiner

Gilbert Kiner,
Founder Director of ArtFX

Pictanovo: serving your development

For more than 30 years, the Hauts-de-France region has set itself the target of making Digital Images and Creative Industries and industry driving the regional economy.This desire is actively implemented by Pictanovo, which supports companies and professionals in the worlds of film and audiovisual. Located at the heart of the creative ecosystem, on the Plaine Images site, Pictanovo encourages creation and innovation thanks to an increased budget from the Hauts-de-France region and the National Centre for Cinema and Animated Image (CNC).

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Your future site

On the Plaine Images site, within the Euratechnologies digital environment, in the heart of Lille, or in the greater city, our property teams and partners will be able to find your next site.

Work Lab City

  • Grands Boulevards
  • Delivery 2020
  • 6 635m²
  • For rent 160€.

The Cloud

  • La Haute Borne, Villeneuve d'Ascq
  • Delivery 2020
  • 12 806 m²
  • For rent 160€.
The Cloud will meet WELL and Core & Shell Silver certification criteria: based on 7 criteria (air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind), this certification attests to the quality of the working environment for future users. A further "Very Good" level of BREEAM certification will be added to this and a 20% reduction in buildings' energy consumption relative to RT2012. source Linkcity


  • Euratechnologies
  • Delivery 2021
  • 15,000 m² mixed
  • For rent 150€.

Join them

Madlab Animations

For more than 30 years, alongside Plaine Images and Pictanovo, the Invest team with the support of the European Metropolis of Lille and the CCI Grand Lille assists companies in the image sector in their establishment and integration into the local ecosystem.