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The city of Lille's IT ecosystem is particularly dense: leading sector players such as OVH, CapGemini, Microsoft and even IBM have chosen it as their home, allowing more young people to develop alongside local start-ups.

Between the French Tech label and EuraTechnologies, the centre of excellence dedicated to the digital sector, nuggets and students are being formed at the heart of innovation and at the side of the giants.
The sector is also being structured through collaborative initiatives: Syntec numérique, AD2N and Invest In Digital People.
In order to guarantee these companies, start-ups, students, researchers, associations and networks the opportunity to always innovate in their activity, the public authorities had to provide them with the best environment. This is why the entire territory is covered by broadband, leaving room for artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud, open data and e-commerce projects.

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Why choose Lille?

10% of training programmes with the "Grands Ecoles Numériques" label are in our region.

Lille is a French Tech capital: its ecosystem is recognised as being welcoming and encouraging for digital entrepreneurs

A very high-speed broadband area

Regular industry events: Connected Day, Le Grand Barouf du Numérique, Euratech’days, International Cybersecurity Forum

No less than 20,908 employees work there, equal to 78% of the regional workforce. (ACOSS 2019)

22 training programmes dedicated to artificial intelligence and cybersecurity in the Hauts-de-France region

Wenov: a 16,000m² campus in the heart of EuraTechnologies. It is dedicated to training students and companies in digital technology and houses an incubator dedicated to the transformation of education and HR professions.

To overcome problems with recruitment, Invest in Digital People: a local programme acting as a precursor to returning to employment in digital technology initiated by digital services companies with the support of Pôle Emploi and Lille's Agency.

In the space of 10 years, the number of digital establishments has soared 77% in the city of Lille to a total of 993. (ACOSS 2020)

Cybersecurity, a European commitment

While we all dream of unloading our clouds and brains of passwords, companies and individuals are regularly victims of high-level hackers. As part of the European response to cyberattacks, in 2020 Lille hosted the International Cybersecurity Form for the 13th time, attracting more than 10,000 visitors from 80 different countries.


Representatives of the region's research centres had the opportunity to tell people about their work, and therefore our region's expertise in this area:

  • cyber security
  • cyber security
  • Lille University's Cristal laboratory works on the control and supervision of large systems, integrated systems design and data
  • The IT and advanced communications research institute (IRCICA), which studies hardware and software interfaces and the robustness of connected objects and their interaction
  • The Contactless Technology Centre (CITC), Inria Tech and CEA Tech's technology transfer platform.
  • The Inria Lille Nord Europe centre
  • The Lens IT research centre at the University of Artois, a member of the humAIn alliance 
  • Currently, 73 specialist companies and 6,500 jobs are dedicated to IT security in the Hauts-de-France region. (NFI)

2 centres of excellence dedicated to digital technology


centre of excellence dedicated to digital technology and France's No. 1 incubator with 200 projects per year, 4,500 employees and 300 tech companies.

Plain Images

in Roubaix-Tourcoing, focusing on the creative industries: audiovisual, gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality, design (serious gaming/e-learning, animation, digital marketing, events etc.) and the technologies that go with them.

  • euratech
  • euratech

Focus on EuraTechnologies

Leading centre of excellence and innovation dedicated to digital technology, Euratechnologies was created in 2009 on the initiative of Pierre de Saintignon, then first deputy of the city of Lille.
Set up in a specially renovated former cotton mill, it is home to a start-up incubator & accelerator, researchers, schools, businesses, offices and co-working spaces.

projects were incubated during the year
0 %
of start-ups supported have survived more than 5 years
million has been raised
events took place

More than 10 years after it was launched, the site has gained momentum and grown into an entire ecosystem

  • EuraTechnologies Roubaix :
    helps start-ups and digital businesses specialising in e-commerce, retail and property technology (PropTech) selected by the Euratechnologies incubator and accelerator.
  • EuraTechnologies Willems:
    dedicated to AgTech
  • EuraTechnologies Saint-Quentin:
    dedicated to robotics

At the start of 2019, the site in Lille also welcomed FALC, the No. 1 FinTech, AssurTech, LegalTech and Cybersecurity start-up incubator. At the end of that year, more than 300 businesses and 4,200 employees were working on the site. An ecosystem bubbling with ideas and people to bring them to life !


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Your future site

230,810 m² of office space let in 2019 - the total floor area allocated by 362 companies who have purchased property in the city. And what if you also found your premises with us ?

The Cloud

  • La Haute Borne, Villeneuve d'Ascq
  • Delivery 2020
  • 12 806 m²
  • For rent 160€.
The Cloud will meet WELL and Core & Shell Silver certification criteria: based on 7 criteria (air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind), this certification attests to the quality of the working environment for future users. A further "Very Good" level of BREEAM certification will be added to this and a 20% reduction in buildings' energy consumption relative to RT2012. source Linkcity


  • Euratechnologies
  • Delivery 2021
  • 15,000 m² mixed
  • For rent 150€.


  • 50 laboratories
  • 20,0000 students
  • 170 companies
  • 80 incubated projects
  • 150,000m² developed in phase 1
  • 36 ha
  • 1999 > 2020
  • Health / Nutrition / Biotech
  • Place of relaxation

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Lille's dynamic IT industry is a draw and thanks to it we have been able to work with other top names in the sector.