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Research and innovation for the people of tomorrow

As the3rd largest health cluster in France, Lille Metropole and its Eurasanté site of excellence place research and development in the fields of Biology, Health and Nutrition at the heart of the region's investments.

A true open sky laboratory, the city of Lille offers dedicated research infrastructures, competitiveness hubs encouraging intersector connections and innovation, and one of the best universities in France. The ecosystem is structured around public and private operators and big French and international companies have been moving into the region for many years.

  • health
  • health

Because health research determines the future of humankind,
80 laboratories dedicate their work to the region's themes of excellence, which are:

Fighting cancer
and the dedicated centre,
Centre Oscar Lambert

Cardio-metabolic diseases

Neurodegenerative disease

Chronic intestinal
and liver disease

Nutritional innovations


Health issues

As a global issue, our health and that of our children takes shape in the capital of Flanders and also depends on what we eat. This is why the European Metropolis of Lille has created the Euralimentaire site of excellence to facilitate the creation and development of companies dedicated to fresh, local products and their logistics.


Finally, tomorrow's health and well-being are intimately linked to the development of new technologies. Medtech, Biotech, Pharma and Esanté companies, the European Metropolis of Lille and its site of excellence Eurasanté offer you the opportunity to join a rich and interconnected ecosystem in which innovation and research play a decisive role.

Why choose Lille?

The Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire (CHRU), the largest university hospital complex in Europe, brings together 8 hospitals, 5 training campuses and more than 16,000 healthcare professionals. It was ranked 2nd best hospital in France in 2019.

This industry holds a particular place in the regional economy and represents €12 billion in the economy, making the Hauts-de-France the3rdmost important national centre.

A rich and interconnected ecosystem: he Biology, Health and Nutrition hub comprises 1000 companies, with more than 31,000 employees and 4,000 private and public researchers. These include world market leaders such as GSK, Roquette, Lesaffre and Tate&Lyle

Eurasanté Bio Business Park, one of the biggest European hubs for biotech and medtech activities, heads up an incubator dedicated to the creation of innovative companies in the fields of biology and healthcare.

A leading centre for education: he Lille Faculty of Medicine is the biggest medical training and research centre in France across all disciplines. It has more than 12,000 students. Lille is also the home of one of the main pharmaceuticals faculties in France, with 2,000 students.

The Clubster NSL competitiveness hub works with and supports healthcare, biotech and food manufacturing companies with their innovations.

Eurasanté, your turnkey solution for moving to Lille

Eurasanté is France's third largest site of excellence, with 300 hectares dedicated to cutting-edge activities in the health, nutrition and biotechnology sectors. A veritable city within a city, it is home to 200 companies with 3,700 employees, 8 hospitals with 16,000 employees, 50 laboratories with 1,800 researchers and 4 faculties and 7 paramedical schools! A pool of experts and talent to support and accelerate the development of your company. For project leaders and researchers, the Eurasanté Bio Incubator offers dedicated incubation (36 months) and acceleration (18 months) programs to help your project grow.

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  • eurasante
  • Euralimentary
  • Euralimentary

Euralimentaire: our health begins on the plate !

Because being healthy is also achieved by eating well, the city of Lille dedicates some of its efforts to structuring and developing the Foodtech industry. Created in 2016, Euralimentaire is the latest of the city's centres of excellence. It is an offshoot of the National Interest Market (MIN/ZAMIN) of Lomme, France's biggest wholesale market after Rungis. What is Euralimentaire's vocation? Accelerating the development of innovative projects and helping the men and women who will feed us in the future.

Clubster NSL: space for innovation

The No. 1 professional network for industry, research and care services, committed to innovation in healthcare and nutrition in the Hauts-de-France region, Clubster NSL has more than 350 active members. Its mission? To support the design, development and financing of the products and procedures of tomorrow and encouraging research by all operators. And because innovation often stems from an interdisciplinary approach, the centre aims to bring together the entire ecosystem to allow for strong and lasting relationships to be built with the manufacturing world..

  • Clubster
  • Clubster

Your future site

The city of Lille has the undeniable advantage of being at the crossroads of Europe while also offering much more competitive property prices than its European neighbours. Whether you want a dedicated R&D office, chemical production unit or a satellite office, our teams will find the right place for you.


  • 1,000 employees
  • 500 housing units
  • 80,000m² of economic activities
  • 112,000m² of future programmes
  • 33 ha
  • 2014 > 2026
  • Productive & logistic activities
  • Place of life


  • 50 laboratories
  • 20,0000 students
  • 170 companies
  • 80 incubated projects
  • 150,000m² developed in phase 1
  • 36 ha
  • 1999 > 2020
  • Health / Nutrition / Biotech
  • Place of relaxation


  • Euratechnologies
  • Delivery 2021
  • 15,000 m² mixed
  • For rent 150€.

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Alongside its partner Eurasanté, the Invest team has been supporting and accelerating the establishment of major names in the health sector for more than 30 years.