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Lille, a place for high value-added services

Since 1920 with the arrival of mail order thanks to La Redoute and 3 Suisses, the city of Lille has been home to a significant share of France's large-format retailers.

An entire network of services companies (customer relations management, banks, marketing and communications services, IT, human resources, cybersecurity, insurance etc.) has rapidly built up around this industry in order to cover these businesses' needs.


Thanks to this network of large format retailer head offices and the strong family entrepreneurship they have stood for since they were created, the services sector has become one of the fastest-growing in the city. It makes up 61% of the region workforce, with 63,932 employees. (CCI Hauts-de-France)


With 342 companies with more than 200 employees, and 97,300 with fewer than 50 employees, the city of Lille offers undeniable potential for service companies, not to mention companies that have set up in the region and on the border with Belgium! (Insee Clap 2015)

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Why choose Lille?

A dedicated club for companies in the sector, Les Places Tertiaires, is the centre for experts and decision makers in the Hauts-de-France region: with over 250 members, the club's aim is to make high value-added services a driver for development, innovation and job creation

21,000 establishments, including 150 customer relations centres employing 10,000 people (CCI Hauts-de-France)

Back office operating costs 16% lower than in other French cities and 8% lower than European rivals (NFI/EY 2016)

5.9% of French high value-added services employees (CCI Hauts-de-France)

FALC: the dedicated incubator for finance, insurance, law and cybersecurity start-ups.

A dream talent pool with 43% of the population aged under 30 (Insee RGP 2015)


France's third-largest financial centre, the city of Lille offers commercial, industrial and services companies a wide range of financial services. Around 80 establishments make up the banking sector offering: all risks cover, credit insurance, guarantee companies, private equity, consumer finance. Most of France's major banks also have specific subsidiaries headquartered in the region, simplifying access for decision makers.


In addition to this dense banking offering, the presence of a number of private equity firms in the region offers sources of financing depending on the business sector, investment amount or the business's maturity.
(CCI Hauts-de-France)

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financial institutions
credit institutions
regional head offices
legal and accountancy jobs
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bank branches
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The second-largest major high value-added services sector insurance benefits from the experience of the many firms present in the region. Distribution of insurance products and the numerous pension and provident fund providers headquartered in the region make it a first-rate marketplace. The city also has a number of regional delegations of leading French and foreign insurance groups. The region's insurance sector accounts for 5.2% of the total national workforce. (Guide des Services Financiers, Les Places Tertiaires)

4 centres of excellence dedicated to services


centre of excellence dedicated to digital technology and France's No. 1 incubator with 200 projects per year, 4,500 employees and 300 tech companies.


third-largest business district in France, with 200 companies and 16,000 employees.

EuraTechnologies Roubaix

helps start-ups and digital businesses specialising in e-commerce, retail and property technology (PropTech) selected by the Euratechnologies incubator and accelerator.

Plain Images

centre of excellence dedicated to the creative industries, where you can find over 140 companies including digital marketing agencies, events managers etc.

Your future site

230,810 m² of office space let in 2019 - the total floor area leased by 362 companies in the city. If we look closer, these are companies in the Finance/Insurance and Retail sectors, which accounted for one third of property transactions in the city of Lille in 2019.

Metropolitan Square

  • Euralille
  • Delivery 2024
  • 90,000m² of buildable floor area
  • 280 housing units
  • Offices
  • Shops & services
  • Rental or sale
  • 3 ha
  • 2016 > 2030
  • Tertiary
  • Decision-making centre, living space

Work Lab City

  • Grands Boulevards
  • Delivery 2020
  • 6 635m²
  • For rent 160€.


  • Euralille
  • Delivery 2021
  • 11 000 m²
  • For rent 230€.

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Nearly 75% of the companies created in the Lille metropolitan area over the last ten years are service companies (sc: INSEE and CCI Hauts-de-France). It is in this dynamic ecosystem that some of the big names in the sector have chosen to set up their businesses, supported by the Invest team.